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The Ghost Rider Coffee Shop Creative Workshop Experience  

Coffee Shop Creative Workshop
​ Pinhook Area​​

Sunday, March 1st
2pm - 4pm​​
$60 per person
(limit 4)

Registration Closed
Coffee Shop Creative Workshop
​Fondren Area​​

Saturday, March 7th
2pm - 4pm​​
$60 per person
(limit 4)

Registration Closed
Coffee Shop Creative Workshop​​
​Lakeview Area​​

Thursday March, March 12th
5:30pm - 7:30pm​​
$60 per person
(limit 4)

Registration Closed​
Coffee Shop Creative Workshop​​
​College Drive Area​​

Monday March, March 16th
3pm - 5pm​​
$60 per person
(limit 4)

​Registration Closed
Coffee Shop Creative Workshop​​s
​West Village Area​​

Thursday, March 26th
2pm - 4pm
$60 per person
(limit 4)

Registration Closed

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“Mr. Scaffidi is a true mentor, engaging whether in class or for a one-on-one session. The energy he brings is like a personal trainer and life coach with all the wisdom of a professional creative. Taking a class with him is like giving your creative drive and willpower espresso!”
                                                                              - Trinity Jade Hartman, Future NY Times Bestseller & Starbucks Barista

"If you're looking for a creativity guide, how to take your ideas and turn them into clear action then this experience with Steven is for you. Passionate discussion on how and why we write and clear direction, and a timeline, on taking your ideas from just a spark to a finished work in much less time than you think. I left feeling inspired and ready to get started!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - David, Wellington, New Zealand

"If you have written a script, thought about writing a script, started but never finished your script, I HIGHLY recommend Steven Scaffidi’s workshop. Definitely worth the very reasonable price."
                                                                             - John Reed, Mississippi Film Industry

"I walked away with confidence that I can really do this! Steven not only inspired me and got me excited about writing a story that I’ve been only thinking about, but also encouraged to think big pictures. And this really was something that couldn’t be taught at a normal writing class. This workshop is perfect for people who want to be inspired in a very special way."
                                                                             - Hope - Designer, Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Steven combined his infectious passion with his genuine writing skill to guide a workshop that I know I'll never forget.  I was extremely impressed with how much Steven has accomplished but even more so with how accessible he was, plus, he could have absolutely priced this workshop at 4X the price—that's how valuable it was! Don't miss this opportunity to take this workshop—it could absolutely be the thing that changes your writing and your writing career forever. "                                                                                                                 

                                                                              - Laura - Writer/Marketing Consultant, St. Petersburg, FL
"Steve's writing class was simply amazing. He gives guidance on how to create a story that people want to read, and more importantly on how to get to task in putting the information into practice. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking to sharpen their writing skills."
                                                                               - Christie - Registered Nurse, New Orleans, LA

"Although I've taught people how to write books at a local university for many years, I take time for myself to learn several times a year. So, it was with great  delight that I found Steve. He's down to earth, and full of laughter and passion and wisdom and interest about both his own work and mine. I came home with a lot to think about and a renewed excitement to finish a book that's been rattling around in my head for a long time. I highly recommend his unique coffee-shop approach and think anyone could benefit from his expertise. Thanks, Steve!"
                                                                               - Sarah Hamer, College Professor, Bossier City, LA

"I was incredibly privileged and lucky to be in one of Steve's workshops. It was an invaluable experience and one I can put into practice right away. He made me excited to start writing my book and made me confident that I can actually DO it! This is truly a worth while experience for any writer."                                                                                           - Stewart - Firefighter, Buena Park, California

"If you're a writer or have ever thought of becoming a writer..this experience is a Must! Steven has a great way of helping you discover how to tell (and write) your story. His passion and excitment for his craft is contagious, and the added creative process of writing that he teaches you will stay with you always!"                                                                 - Shaquandah, East Orange, NJ 

“Sharing my views on Steve's teaching style, the opportunities we got as a class was second to NONE!!! I will forever be thankful for his willingness to offer the program and to work with the community colleges."                                                                                                                        
                                                                               - Rose Sparrow - Resource Specialist, Arkansas Economic Development

"If you are looking for someone to help you get all your clustered ideas down to earth, or just simply looking to have a super creative experience, this is perfect for you. Mr. Steve was extraordinary in his knowledge of story telling and pays attention to the details."
                                                                                - Marlene - Student - Opelousas, LA

"This was such a great experience! Steven was super passionate and engaging the whole time! You can tell he really loves what he does. I left the experience feeling like I not only had a plan for finishing my book, but the tools and insight to complete it quickly and with excellence! I’m even wanting to turn it into a screenplay afterwards! I highly recommend this! Thanks again Steven!"
                                                                                - D'Ani - Philadelphia, PA 

"As a lawyer, I wasn't sure how to transition from technical writing to writing fiction. Steven understood my concerns and showed me how I could best develop my story into a work of fiction. Now I'm ready to use the tips, methods and materials Steven provided to me to get started on my first writing project. I'd highly recommend Steven's workshop to others, and look forward to working with him again in the future!"
                                                                                - Tonya, Lawyer - Durham, NC

"It was a great opportunity and those who were able to participate in it recieved valuable insight into the world of cinema and how ideas become books, screenplays and even movies."
                                                                               - Kevin Shipp - Program Coordinator, Girl Scouts of the USA

"After taking Steve's workshop, I am more focused and encouraged than I have ever been, and I am certain I will finish my first novel.  Steve offers a structure for completing books that is easy to follow and breaks down the mystery of how to get a book or screenplay ready to publish."
                                                                               - Kathy Garland - Leadership Trainer, Dallas, TX
"The feedback from students and parents has been positive. Many were surprisingly pleased by what they learned during the workshop. Your workshop motivated the participants to write."
                                                                               - Joey S. - Principal, Christian Brothers School

"This class and experience was inspiring for me. I love the fact that there was so much creativity that was shared and I feel that everyone benefited from each other, which was very cool."
                                                                               - Mark Subervielle - Business Owner, New Orleans, LA
"Steve was a wonderful host with a lot of passion for story telling and writing. The setting at the coffee shop is perfect for a creative discussion. This experience shouldn't be missed!"
                                                                               - Tori & Chris​ - Indianapolis, Indiana​

​"This experience is very unique. It’s exactly what I needed. Steve is passionate, with a lot of experience and is an exceptional teacher. Would not forget this experience."                                      - Fajer - Kuwait City, Kuwait 

"​My workshop with Steve was great. It went beyond my expectations. I know that his process for writing will improve my own. He explained it clearly and used great examples. He then helped me to create a realistic timeline for the completion of my novel. His enthusiasm for storytelling was infectious."                                                            - Mary - Pine Island, Minnesota

  1. Managing Director
So, you must be asking yourself, "How does the Coffee Shop Creative Workshop work, and what makes it so unique?"  First of all, we're going to have a great time in a relaxed atmosphere, and I'm going to show you how to write a great story using my unique "Six Weeks to Final Draft" process.  I'll teach you some cool ways to lay out your story before you start writing so you don't get lost in the weeds when working on your project.  Next, I'll lay out a simple yet powerful plan to finish your screenplay, book, or whatever you decide to write in just six weeks or less if you follow my step by step guide.  I'm really excited to offer this great workshop to you that I believe will be a game changer!  Workshop dates and session times will be posted on this page and our social media channels as soon as they are scheduled.  Creative sessions can be small groups, large groups, private, corporate, you name it.  We can get creative and customize a unique workshop just for you.  I look forward to meeting you and can't wait to help you create a great story that has a real shot at going somewhere.  Let's get creative!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Steven Scaffidi, Writer Producer Director