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Mark Subervielle - Business Owner, New Orleans, LA
"This class and experience was inspiring for me. I love the fact that there was so much creativity that was shared and I feel that everyone benefited from each other, which was very cool. Glad we could be a part of it and hope we can do it again soon."

Laura - Writer/Marketing Consultant, St. Petersburg, FL (Airbnb Experience)
"Steven combined his infectious passion with his genuine writing skill to guide a workshop that I know I'll never forget. He was incredibly generous in sharing his strategy and methodology on how to get your script or long-form fiction piece off the ground and finally finished. After working with him I can honestly say that I felt some much-needed momentum in my novel, and I left the session armed with the tools to keep going and finally finish the damn thing. I have already begun using his methods and I know they will guide me to the finish line. I was extremely impressed with how much Steven has accomplished but even more so with how accessible he was, plus, he could have absolutely priced this workshop at 4X the price—that's how valuable it was! Don't miss this opportunity to take this workshop—it could absolutely be the thing that changes your writing and your writing career forever."

Pamela Hunter - Writer, Fairhope, Alabama
"It was a great workshop Steve! We would love to have you come back!"

Tony Ridgel - Producer
I was fortunate to attend one of Steven's workshops and I must tell you it was an eye-opening experience. I discovered a new writing tool, not just for screenplays, for crafting any story, including novels, business branding, web stories, a college thesis, even a Transmedia Production. I'm cautious about recommending courses. This one I highly recommend! Thanks, Steven for helping me clearly define my story and project.

Tori & Chris​ - Indianapolis, Indiana (Airbnb Experience)
"Steve was a wonderful host with a lot of passion for story telling and writing. The setting at the coffee shop is perfect for a creative discussion. In the span of two hours Steve enthusiastically gave us a complete overview of the process for turning ideas into stories and stories into engaging screenplays. The examples from popular movies drove the points home. If you have any interest at all in writing screenplays and telling stories this experience shouldn’t be missed."

John Read - Mississippi Film Industry, Jackson, Mississippi
"If you have written a script, thought about writing a script, started but never finished your script, I HIGHLY recommend Steven Scaffidi’s workshop. Definitely worth the very reasonable price."

Kelly Harrington - Aspiring Writer, Jackson, Mississippi
"Steve made what has seemed very intimidating seem far more accessible.  Mainly the workshop was a good first step for me in getting out of the 'someday' mode."

Monica Morgan - Writer, Fairhope, Alabama
​Awesome!  Thank you so much!

Rick Guy - Published Writer, Jackson, Mississippi
"Steve's breakdown of the writing process makes putting my ideas to work in order to create a finished project on a deadline much easier."

Stella Page - Teacher, Jackson, Mississippi
"I enjoyed the small group discussion and the well thought out tools you gave us.  The ideas are steadily bubbling up.  Overall, your enthusiasm and experience were delightfully inspiring."

Rose Sparrow - Resource Specialist, Arkansas Economic Development
“Sharing my views on your teaching style, the opportunities we got as a class was second to NONE!!! I will forever be thankful for your willingness to offer the program and to work with the community colleges. The friendships and partnerships that were developed will forever be special to each of us. Now, years later, that training will go to good use.  You can’t get any better than that."

Joey Scaffidi- Principal, Christian Brothers School, New Orleans, LA
"The Ghost Rider Creative Workshop was well received by those who participated. The feedback from these students and parents has been positive. Many were surprisingly pleased by what they learned during the workshop. Your workshop motivated the participants to write."

Randy Bonneval - Christian Brothers Workshop Student
"The Ghost Rider Workshop was very helpful, and I learned a lot in a short time. I came home and started rewriting my story. I registered it with the Writer's Guild just and you suggested. I know I have along way to go, but you definitely have put me on the right path."

Kevin Shipp - Program Coordinator, Girl Scouts
"It was a great opportunity and those who were able to participate in it recieved valuable insight into the world of cinema and how ideas become books, screenplays and even movies." 

June Marshall – Film Industry Accountant and Production Assistant
"My introduction to Louisiana’s film industry came as the result of a 7-week training program offered jointly by Ghost Rider Pictures & the Urban League of New Orleans.  At the end of the training program, I felt confident that I was equipped with enough knowledge to enter the film industry as a bonafide trainee/intern to further develop the skills necessary to work in the film industry.  I was able to start working on the film “RAY” as soon as I completed the training program, and I have been working continuously ever since. I owe my new career to the Ghost Rider Pictures & Urban League of New Orleans film industry training program." 

Spud McConnell – Television, Radio and Stage Personality
“You can take what you learn in the workshops and apply it to many other things. Even if you don't become a filmmaker you're going to get a lot out of this.”

Georgia Scott - Student
"I thought your workshop was excellent, and if I don't have a finished product by the end of this year, its certainly not due to your workshop not providing me with the knowledge on how to do so.  I would definitely recommend your workshop to anyone with potential interest."

Ed Pavur – Student, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
“My girlfriend and I took the workshop and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. She said she wanted to attend another session and gave it a rating of 11 on a 1-10 scale.”

J. Wiltz – Law Firm Assistant
“The most interesting thing for me was learning the discipline of structuring the story. I’ve had a good bit of writing experience before taking the class so this was a welcome change. Everything was perfect!”

Steve Palm - U.S. Air Force, Biloxi, Mississippi
"What I found interesting was learning the process of making a film from an original script. This was a great reality check on what I've been reading and planning. Everything was great!"

Dennis Tardo – MBA Student
“The workshop was perfect. I really liked the Conceptualizer process which showed me how to break down and organize my ideas before writing.”

Nancy LoCoCo - Flim & Television Production Coordinator
"EXPERIENCE - there is no better way to learn. That's how Ghost Rider Pictures presents their workshop. Steve Scaffidi believes in taking the class out of the classroom setting. If not in the physical realm, certainly in the mental realm. He explains that everyone has a story and no story is insignificant. He will teach you to take a thought and expound on it. Brainstorm, he calls it. There is nothing like setting your mind free. Nothing like seeing your idea on paper, take shape and form into a scene, an act and yes, even a script. You'll learn to put feeling in your writing and your words will come alive. His workshop should only be the beginning. From there the whole world opens up to you. Each opportunity that is placed in front of you presents a challenge that is easily conquered by going back to the basics that are never forgotten from Ghost Rider Pictures Workshop."

Dr. Thomas Poothullil - Medical Doctor, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
"The Ghost Rider Workshop was very interesting and helpful to me. Everything was really good from the location, to the Interactive sessions that give the students an opportunity to participate in writing the first act of an original screenplay.”

Beverly Blasingame - Writer, Ocean Springs, Mississippi
"I was ready for this. I took it in like a sponge. I didn't know how inspired I was until I was driving home after the workshop. Now I have an idea, and I'm ready to run with it! You did a great job teaching and encouraging without anxiety." 

Sonia Johnson – Business Owner
"The film production course was a tremendous success. I learned so much. The instructors taught me very important values and valuable aspects of the film industry. A few of them would include believing in yourself and following your dreams, dreaming BIG no matter your age, and how not to give up on those dreams. The lesson which impacted my life the most was how to dream big. By doing so, I've written a book and started my own business."

Daniel Brewster – Student, Lafayette, Louisiana
“Everything was great. I found everything covered in the Ghost Rider Workshop to be extremely helpful.” 

Patrick Cullen - Businessman
“I’ve written before and have attended other screenwriting workshops. Your personal experience as filmmakers and the possibilities open to writers is what interested me. I loved it, and enjoyed both the business aspect and the literary guidance.” 

Jackson, MS workshop
"Six Weeks to Final Draft" Six-Part Workshop Series
Workshop Series Participants at Nor-Joe Imports in Metairie, LA
Covington, LA workshop
St. John's Coffeehouse in Covington, LA
St. John's Coffeehouse in Covington, LA
The Airbnb Experience at the historic Morning Call Coffee Stand in City Park.
The Airbnb Experience Workshop under the oaks in New Orleans City Park
The historic Morning Call Coffee Stand in New Orleans City Park
The historic Morning Call Coffee Stand is the home of the Airbnb Experience
New Orleans workshop
New Orleans workshop and the post it notes!
Workshop participants love the post it note layout for storytelling.
Starbucks in Kenner, LA
Kenner, LA workshop
Baton Rouge workshop
Bossier City, LA Workshop
Bossier City, LA Workshop
Tori and Chris came from Indiana to take the Airbnb Experience
Steve with Tori and Chris from Indiana at the Airbnb Experience at the Morning Call Coffee Stand
Page & Palette Coffee House in Fairhope, Alabama
Page & Palette Coffee House in Fairhope, Alabama
Dallas, Texas Workshop
Jackson, MS Workshop at Cups Coffee Shop
Airbnb Experience at the historic Morning Call Coffee Stand
Airbnb Experience at the historic Morning Call Coffee Stand
Fair Grinds in Mid-City New Orleans
Metairie, LA Workshop at Nor-Joe Imports
Pensacola Beach Workshop at the Drowsy Poet
Pensacola Beach Workshop at the Drowsy Poet
The view from the Drowsy Poet Coffee Shop on Pensacola Beach, Florida
Folsom, LA Workshop at the Giddy Up
Folsom, LA workshop at the Giddy Up
The Bay St. Louis Train Depot Workshops
Bay St. Louis, MS
Bay St. Louis, MS
Louisiana Technical College Workshop
Louisiana Technical College Workshop
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New Orleans