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Extreme Volleyball Promo
Fat Tuesday National Campaign
Marine Corps National Commercial
Louisiana Tourism Campaign
National Bank Spots - Disney Studios
Plantation General Hospital
Westside General Hospital
New Orleans Original Daiquiris
Hibernia Bank - "Round Up"
Crystal Hot Sauce Promo
Hibernia Bank - "Leprechaun & Troll"
Pan Am Life - "Lost in Space"
Kid's Quest Promo
Date Hunt Promo
Grilled Promo
Scissors Promo
Hibernia Bank - "Future's So Bright"
Crash - TV Pilot
Palace Theatre "Sheriff"
Rock the Schoolhouse Promo
Haunted History Tour Promo
Hibernia Bank - "See the Show"
Ray Brandt Automotive TV Spot
Hibernia Bank - "Twilight Zone"
Note:  Much of my commercial work and early films were lost in Hurricane Katrina but I was able to salvage these clips to share with you.
Please forgive the quality and formatting of some of these spots and video clips.  Enjoy!

Palace Theatre "Baby"
The Blood Center Promo
The Warden - Show Promo
WRNO Radio TV Spot
Volunteers of America Documentary
New Orleans Wireless Documentary
"Tim's Island" Documentary
"Cat Fight" - TV Promo
Lakeside Shopping Center TV Spot
"Got Skillz" - TV Pilot
"Execution" - TV Promo
"Tough Love" PBS Documentary