NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - If one man has his wish, you could someday see Robert Plant, for free, while dancing with homeless people.
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Step inside the world of Desperate Reality with Johnny L who offers hope to people who may find themselves in desperate situations and often without the ability of turning their lives around on their own. Desperate Reality takes intervention to the next level by giving a life line to anyone who has lost their way and ready to face the truth. Produced by Steven Scaffidi and featuring Johnny Lonardo, this live radio broadcast / television series is scheduled to launch in 2016.

The award-winning documentary film “Forgotten on the Bayou: Rockey’s Mission to the White House” will screen for the first time in local theaters during the week of the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Rockey rode out the storm while holding on to a rope on his roof, then he captured the attention of the nation and worldwide media when he towed his FEMA trailer to the White House in hopes of having dinner in his trailer with President Bush to deliver his message: “Don’t forget us…the job’s not done.” Rockey and the film’s director, along with others who took part in Rockey’s amazing journey, will attend select screenings in New Orleans and Chalmette, Louisiana to meet with audience members before the screening and take part in a Q and A after to share inside stories about the film and Rockey’s private meeting with the President in the Oval Office.  SCREENING INFO

The New Orleans Mission will host a very special concert event for leadership including directors and CEOS from more than 60 other Mission facilities across America that help homeless individuals and veterans. These representatives are
leaders of gospel rescue missions that are members of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM). The unique concert event, titled “Gratitudes & Blessings,” will celebrate the New Orleans Mission's recovery since Hurricane Katrina and the beginning of its five million dollar renovation to its building. The concert event will feature the first live performance of the new song "Hard Times Don't Hit Me No More," which was written in a unique jam session at the New Orleans Mission with the help of over 100 homeless people who contributed the song title and all of the lyrics. New Orleans Mission Disciple and U.S. Army Veteran, Terry Gillis, will lead a new jam session and write a song with the help of Louisiana musicians, various Mission leadership and audience members. The songs are registered with BMI and will be distributed worldwide on iTunes and other distribution platforms with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the Mission facilities.  READ MORE

The new Ghost Rider Pictures Live Event / Television Series Hit Me America recently completed a slate of jam sessions featuring popular artists such as Nashville's Thom Shepherd and Brian Collins, Louisiana Country Singer/Songwriter Eli Seals, and gritty Mississippi born Lynn Drury.  Producers have announced that they will soon release 8 songs with BMI and are currently working on adding more jam sessions to their unique series which features top songwriters working with their fans and audience members in hopes of writing the next hit song.  JAM SESSIONS

The ultimate songwriting challenge is back for a Mardi Gras special. Hit Me America Jam Session features some of Louisiana’s top songwriters, who participate in writing a hit song with the help of a live audience in one hour. This installment of the series will be held at Spirits on Bourbon (2.11), where dueling pianists TJ Zino & Todd Adams will be put to the test.

The first Hit Me America Louisiana Jam Session will take place at Children's Hospital on Thursday, September 4th, at 6:00 PM.  The event will feature Rockin' Dopsie, Jr., Steve Blaze, Vince Vance, Lynn Drury and more of the best songwriter/musicians in Louisiana. This one-of-a-kind jam session will challenge the artists to write a song in one hour or less with the help of the audience. Producers say that "Easy Breezy", which was originally conceived at the Hit Me America Louisiana Jam Session Songwriters' Showcase on July 23rd, will be the very first song not only inspired but co-written with the help of audience and dedicated to the entire Who Dat Nation.

Smash into the Republic this Wednesday at 7 p.m.for the premier of an upcoming series called the HIT ME AMERICA Louisiana Jam Sessions.

The new film in development from Ghost Rider Pictures "UNITAS WE STAND" makes national news when Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco agrees to play legendary NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas.
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Amnesty Internation releases a new press release for the upcoming "Execution: Right or Wrong? You Decide." event which beings in Washington D.C. on Sunday, November 11, 2012.  


Ghost Rider Pictures has joined forces with Amnesty International and Regal Cinemas for a groundbreaking 8 city release of the film"Execution".  This unprecedented event will turn theaters into "execution chambers" for one night only beginning on Sunday, November 11th in Regal's Gallery Place Stadium 14 in Washington, DC.



During a 2 week coast-to-coast tour select theaters across America will become execution chambers as the audience is invited to enter the witness room and sit front and center for the final days of a man’s life on death row and ultimately his execution in the electric chair.  Filmmaker Steven Scaffidi of Ghost Rider Pictures, who directed and produced the film says, “This is an important event of great social and political significance.  This event will make a great impact in the ongoing debate over the death penalty in America by allowing the audience a more immediate understanding of what an execution actually entails.  I want to put the audience on the front row and let them decide for themselves if executing a human being is right or wrong?”

Joe Unitas, son of legendary NFL quarterback Johnny Unitas, came to town and met with his "Unitas We Stand" partner and producer Steven Scaffidi.  He also was in town at the request of the NFL to meet New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees who was on the threshold of breaking Unitas' record of 47 consecutive games throwing a TD pass.  This record has stood for over 50 years and many thought it would never be broken.  Brees broke the record in front of a national audience on Sunday Night Football as Unitas and Scaffidi cheered from the stands among thousands of enthusiastic Who Dats.

"Right or Wrong? You Decide." is a groundbreaking event supported by Amnesty International that will take the audience closer to a man's execution than any film before.  The producers of the acclaimed film "Execution" are currently working out screening dates with Regal Entertainment where the film will screen in a select group of theaters in major cities across America.  This first-of-its-kind event will challenge audience members to sit front and center for the final days of a man's life on death row and ultimately his execution in the electric chair.  Step into the death chamber and witness a man pay the ultimate price in the name of justice.  

Ghost Rider Pictures is now in development on the feature-length movie "Unitas We Stand".  The screenplay was written by Joe Unitas, the son of Hall of Fame Quarterback Johnny Unitas, and Los Angeles writer Nick Slatkin.  Steven Scaffidi, Oley Sassone, Chris Braun and Joe Unitas will produce the film which is slated for release in 2014 following Super Bowl XLVIII.  The screenplay is based on Tom Calahan's best-selling book, "Johnny U: The Life and Times of Johnny Unitas".  Joe Unitas made the announcement about teaming up with Ghost Rider on Baltimore's WNST Radio.

"The House of Mystery", produced by Steven Scaffidi and Oley Sassone under the Ghost Rider Pictures banner, was released in Italy this week. 
The interactive film is the first of kind and was shot in New Orleans for Perfetti Van Melle to promote their Vigorsol Chewing Gum in Italy.  
The film will be translated into multiple languages including English for release in the United States. 

Steven Scaffidi and Oley Sassone produce the Italian film "The Vigorsol Mystery".  Shot in New Orleans, the production features many of the finest talent in the local region. 

The Clarion Herald features "The Sojourners" in this story written by Christine Bordelon.

THE TASTE BUDS are at it again as they get involved with Gleason Gras and help former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason in his fight against ALS.

Breakthru Magazine writer Dean Shapiro gives you a glimpse into what drives filmmaker Steven Scaffidi to make movies in his latest article            "If It Moves Shoot It!"  READ MORE

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Director G.T. Taylor has joined forces with Ghost Rider Pictures on a new reality television show entitled THE TASTE BUDS.  The concept was created by Steven Scaffidi and Greg Reggio and the group recently traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to put on an event to uplift the first responders and locals who were affected by the devastating tornadoes.  Two days later the group was back in New Orleans putting on the Liuzza Palooza 2011 where thousands of people turned out to party and raise funds for Liuzza's Restaurant owner Michael Bordelon, who was severly injured in an automobile accident.

Steven Scaffidi has teamed up with Producer Oley Sassone on his new thriller, THE MYSTERY OF 11:11. The unique story is inspired by Scaffidi's father and based on real life events that touch millions of people all over the world. 

Filmmaker Steven Scaffidi and his 24 year-old son, who will assist him in making this film, will take a Pilgrimage along with forty-seven youths as they go on a 10 day journey to Medjugorje and document the effects this sacred land has on their lives. 
You can be part of The Journey READ MORE

Ghost Rider Pictures is now currently in development on a new thriller written by Steven Scaffidi entitled "The Mystery of 11:11" which is inspired by the mysterious 11:11 Phenomenon and the true events of the life and death of his father.

Close to 5,000 people came out to see the first theatrical and tailgating experience "Ain't Dat Super" at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana over the Labor Day Weekend.  The critics and audience raved about this hillarious comedy which starred local favorites John "Spud" McConnell, Becky Allen, Randy Cheramie, and Dane Rhodes.

"Forgotten on the Bayou" (premieres Aug. 27, 8 p.m. ET) After seeking refuge on his rooftop and holding onto a rope for four hours to stay alive during Hurricane Katrina, Rockey Vaccarella, a former Golden Glove champion, knew that quitting was not an option. After noticing the government's sluggish pace to rebuild his neighborhood and other parts of New Orleans, Rockey decided to hook up a mock FEMA trailer and drive from Louisiana to the White House in order to meet with the president. 

"Ain't Dat Super LIVE!" will be on stage at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts in New Orleans, LA Labor Day Weekend. This hilarious play stars John "Spud" McConnell, Becky Allen and Randy Cheramie. The event is being billed as the Ultimate Theatrical and Tailgating Experience.   Tickets are now on sale online at MAHALIA JACKSON THEATRE. For more information visit the Ain't Dat Super Website

"Ain't Dat Super!", written by Steven Scaffidi with Nicholas Gambino is now available for sale through this website, the official book website and most online book sellers such as Barnes and Nobel and Amazon.  This is a funny and most amazing story that was conceived back in October 2009, over 4 months before the Saints won the Super Bowl. BUY THE BOOK

Two new workshops have been scheduled. On Friday, May 21st the workshop will move back to PJ's in Metaire for a 2pm-5pm afternoon session. Then on Tuesday, June 1st the workshop will take place at La Madeleine Cafe on Bluebonnet Blvd. in Baton Rouge running from 5pm-8pm.

The past two workshops at PJ's were a great success. In Metaire we sold out the workshop with a great group of participants, some with experience and some without. In that group were three writers who collectively have published more than 40 books and were interested in learning how to turn their stories into screenplays.  At our PJ's uptown workshop we had a great variety of first time writers and future filmmakers and some who have written screenplays and published books.  All in all it was a great time and a lot of creative ideas were shared by all.

The Ghost Rider Coffee Shop Workshops begin with two new 3 hour sessions.  On Thursday, May 6th the workshop will take place at PJ's Coffee in Metairie, LA and on Wednesday, May 12 another workshop will take place at PJ's on Magazine Street in uptown New Orleans.  Space is limited so register soon.
Coffee Shop Workshops

Ghost Rider Pictures is now offering for sale on their website the award-winning films EXECUTION and THE PEOPLE'S STORY.  
Ghost Rider Store

Louisiana Filmmakers Meetup featured Steven Scaffidi as the featured speaker last month.  Organizers claimed that it was one of their most successful events ever as over 50 people attended. Susie Labry said, "I was amazed. One of the best organized meetup meetings I ever attended. The attendance was superior."  Shelby Swatek said, "Steve was an excellent and inspiring speaker! Very informative and entertaining." Meetup Director Veleka Grat said, "Steve Scaffidi did a superb job of communicating the realities of film distribution. It was an eye-opener and a lot of fun."  
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Fox 8 reporter Jennifer Hale interviewed Ghost Rider Pictures owner Steven Scaffidi about his new story "Ain't Dat Super!"  The comedy is about two die-hard fans who tell an unbelieveable story about their role in sports' history and how they helped the Saints win the Superbowl.  The book is due to come out in April with a screenplay to follow shortly after that.  There's more on the Ain't Dat Super! website, including a great video clip featuring Jimmy Buffett.  FOX 8 News Story

On Tuesday night, January 26th, filmmakers are invited to the first meeting of the new Louisiana Filmmakers Meetup. This group serves as a resource for directors, producers, gaffers, grips, editors, DPs, and anyone who works as film crew or film personnel.  The group's first guest is producer/director Steve Scaffidi ("Execution" and "Forgotten on the Bayou") who will be speaking on film distribution.  Bring a filmmaking friend with you, and meet us at our venue in Metairie.  For more information contact:
Veleka @ 504-812-3379 
Your Louisiana Filmmakers Organizer 

Ghost Rider Pictures is currently in development on several new projects for 2010, including the screenplays, "Ain't Dat Super" (a comedy inspired by the history and recent success of the New Orleans Saints) and "The Redemption of Billy Moore" (a true-life story about a man who was saved from the electric chair by the family of the man he murdered).  Completed scripts in 2009 include: "Angry Ambition"  (Suspense/Thriller), "The Drum Majors" (Comedy), "True Cross" (Christian/Drama), "Two Shades of Gray" (Comedy/Romance), "Jimbo" (Drama/Romance).  

Purchase a copy of our thought-provoking and much talked about phycological thriller "Execution" on the film's website. 

Our award-winning and inspirational film, "Forgotten on the Bayou", will be released in 2010.  Read the recent comments about the film on the San Diego Cinema Society website.  
San Diego Cinema Society

St. Martin's Hosts Unprecedented Capital Punishment 
Film and Debate Event

On September 26, St. Martin's Episcopal School held a unique film presentation, debate and discussion about capital punishment, where students and adults shared their views about this controversial and topical issue.
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Death Penalty Comes To Life
Film gives lesson on capital punishment
Monday, September 28, 2009 
By Danny Monteverde Staff Writer

A convict and a priest clasp their hands and pray in the stark, dark prison cell. A few moments later, the warden tells the prisoner it's time. With the priest's whispered prayers and the clinking of the shackles that bound the prisoner's ankles and wrist the only sounds, the slow and somber procession begins. It ends in a windowless room. The prisoner is strapped into the electric chair. He will pay the ultimate price for his crimes -- the fatal beating of his mother and the slaying of a family. Before the switch is flipped, the convict whispers in the warden's ear: "I forgive you." The audience sits in utter silence; for almost half an hour, they've remained as still as mannequins in a department store. Then, it happens. 
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Filmmaker Steven Scaffidi, Whose 'Execution' Screens Tonight, Calls For Support Of Local Artists
By Mike Scott, The Times-Picayune 
September 26, 2009

After touring the film festival circuit with his last two films, only to struggle to land theatrical releases, New Orleans filmmaker Steven Scaffidi has decided to take matters into his own hands. Scaffidi, the director of the post-Katrina documentary "Forgotten on the Bayou" and the death-row-set "Execution, " has launched his own indie-focused distribution company, Top Shelf Media Distribution, with business partner Sal Gambino. 
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The Southern Louisiana Romance Writers of America welcomes Writer/Producer/Director Steven Scaffidi.  Join SOLA on Saturday the 19th at 11:00am for a presentation by Steven Scaffidi. The focus of the presentation will be on screen writing.
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'Execution,' by local filmmaker Steven Scaffidi, now available on DVD
by Michael H. Kleinschrodt, DVD columnist, The Times-Picayune
Sunday September 06, 2009, 2:00 PM

Local filmmaker Steven Scaffidi borrows a page from "The Blair Witch Project" with his newest film "Execution," which is now available on DVD. The conceit of the movie is that two filmmakers once hid cameras in a prison death chamber and captured an actual execution by electric chair, with their footage being found about a decade later.
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METAIRIE, LA – September 3, 2009 – St. Martin's Episcopal School will hold the first ever open debate and discussion about capital punishment where students and adults can share their views about this controversial issue.  The event will be held in the state-of-the-art Solomon Theater on St. Martin's campus, and will feature a special screening of the award-winning and much talked about film "Execution".   

This event will be a unique social experiment where students and the local community will have an opportunity to discuss and debate this important topic in an open forum.  Upon arrival, the audience will be asked to fill out a card declaring their position on the death penalty.  Following the screening of the film, the audience will again be asked to fill out another card declaring their position to see if anyone was swayed by what they witnessed. This will be followed by a death penalty debate and discussion.  Statistics will be gathered during the event and shared with the audience at the end. 

Former death row inmate William Neal Moore and renowned Mississippi Warden Dr. Donald Cabana will also be present to share their personal stories and experience with the audience.  Mr. Moore spent over sixteen years on death row and came within seven hours of his own execution in the electric chair.  He is the author of the book "I Shall Not Die", and he has recently spoken at many of the top universities in the world including, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, USC, UCLA, and Tulane in the United States, and in the United Kingdom at The University of Cambridge,  The University of Sussex, and King's College of London.  Dr. Cabana has over thirty years experience in corrections, spending much of his time as the warden at one of America's toughest prisons, The Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchmen.  Dr. Cabana is also the best-selling author of the book "Death at Midnight: The Confessions of an Executioner", and has been featured on network television as one of the foremost experts in his field.   

The death penalty is one of the most important and controversial issues in America and has garnered even more attention recently with the Supreme Court's ruling to give death row inmate Troy Davis another hearing, and the local news of Michael Anderson facing the death penalty for the killing of five teenagers in 2006.   

This unprecedented event will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at the Solomon Theater on the Campus of St. Martin's Episcopal School, 225 Green Acres Road, Metairie, LA 70003.  Doors will open at 6pm and the event will start promptly at 7pm.  The event is free and open to the public on a first come-first served basis.  Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or have written parental consent.

For more information contact: 

Wally Porter
St. Martin’s Professor of Documentary Film Studies
(504) 887-0379 

Anne Honeywell
St. Martin's Director of Marketing and Communications
(504) 736-9913

Steven Scaffidi
Ghost Rider Pictures
Phone:  (504) 466-6256

The EXECUTION DVD is now for sale worldwide.  This extraordinary story will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow two filmmakers in their quest to film a man's execution in the electric chair. The last 20 minutes of the film is not to be missed and could be offensive to some viewers. The film has stirred up much controversy, and has been recognized at many of the top film festivals in the world including: The Moondance Film Festival in Hollywood, The Australian International Film Festival, The Houston International Film Festival, The Big Muddy Film Festival, and The Rome International Film Festival. The film has also screened by special invitation at many renowned universities including: The University of Cambridge (UK), UCLA, Tulane University, The University of Oregon, Sussix University (UK), The University of North Carolina, Seattle University, and King's College of London (UK).  To buy the DVD go to:

The first billboard advertising the film EXECUTION went up today in New Orleans, LA.  The billboard is located on the expressway across from the Superdome and the Arena heading toward the westbank of the Mississippi River.  The billboard features a huge picture of a man strapped into an electric chair with a hood covering his face.  Two short sentences challenge the audience to take a stand: Right or Wrong?  You Decide!
The billboard stands out amongst all the other advertising in the area with its powerful message and eye-catching artwork.

The EXECUTION DVD will be released any day.  Go to for more information.  

The award-winning and much talked about film EXECUTION is scheduled to be released on DVD later this summer.  The story of two filmmaker who filmed a man's execution in 1995 has caught the attention of scores of people across the U.S. and in Europe, especially the United Kingdom.  The film has been screened by several top Universities in the United States such as UCLA, Tulane and The University of Oregon, and in the United Kingdom at The University of Cambridge, Sussix University and Kings College of London.  Over 2 million people have down loaded the film trailer and video clips.  For more information, visit the film's website
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Billy Moore was recently interviewed in Atlanta, Georgia.  Billy is the only man in America to be convicted of murder and admit to the crime and is today an unconditional free man.  Billy spent over 16 years on death row in Georgia and came within 7 hours of his execution in the electric chair.  Billy is alive today due to the forgivness of his victim's family and the intervention of Mother Theresa.  His incredible story is currently in development with Ghost Rider Pictures.
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Coconut Beach, one of the largest volleyball complexes in the United States, hosted an Extreme Volleyball showcase.  In attendance were Karch Kiraly's agent Steve Lindecke and past AVP President Billy Berger.  Volleyball players from Rochester, New York, Denver, Colorado and Green Bay, Wisconsin competed in the event.  Extreme Volleyball was created by Ghost Rider Pictures Producer/Director Steven Scaffidi and Coconut Beach Director Bruce White.
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Steven Scaffidi has recently completed the feature-length screenplay "Two Shades of Gray", a romantic comedy that tackles  the issues of racism and discrimination.  The script has been entered in the 2009 Nicholl Fellowships Screenwriting Competition.  The original story was developed by Carlisle E. Jukes and Scaffidi this past February.  
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Producer Renelle Richardson of CBN reported that Billy Moore's story, which ran on Thursday night, pulled a very high number. Immediately following the airing of Billy's amazing story 749 people called in to the show. Billy's story was so powerful that most people where moved to seek salvation or rededicate their lives to God.

From – The year was 1974. Twenty-two-year-old Army Private Billy Moore returned from deployment in Germany only to find that his wife was involved with a drug dealer and addicted to heroin. To protect their 3-year-old son, Billy took him and moved into a trailer. But Billy’s paychecks from the army were in his wife’s name, and it was going to take the army 90 days to get it changed.  Read More
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The controversial film, "Execution" screened in front of big audiences at many of the top Universities in the United States and overseas in the United Kingdom.  Letters regarding the screenings from the University of Cambridge (UK), Central Washington University and Seattle University were released today.       
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Rummel High School will host a Ghost Rider Creative Workshop this Saturday, March 28th.  The workshop is open to all students and members of the community and will take place on the Rummel campus located at 1901 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70001.  The workshop will run from 10:00AM and 2:30PM with a half hour break for lunch.  Check in begins at 9:30AM.           More Info

Billy Moore will be featured on the Christian Broadcast Network's long-running and popular television show The 700 Club.  Show producer, Renelle Richardson, interviewed Billy at his home in Rome, Georgia recently.  The story will feature reenactments of Billy's crime and tell how Billy became a Christian and how the power for forgiveness worked in his life.  Billy's story is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 2nd at 10am ET and 11pm ET on ABC Family Channel.  In addition, different areas pick up the show in syndication on various networks.  The 700 Club is one of the longest-running programs in broadcast history and is seen in 96% of the television markets across the United States with an average daily audience of one million viewers. 

William Neal "Billy" Moore, who's featured in the award-winning and controversial film "Execution", recently was a featured guest speaker at Harvard Law School and Northeastern Law School.  Billy spoke in front of a large audience about his life and unbelievable story of redemption.  Billy Moore is a one-time death row inmate who spent 16 years on Georgia's death row and came within 7 hours of being put to death in the electric  chair.  

Ghost Rider Pictures and Steven Scaffidi have joined forces with Spun Productions and Elton Jones to develop a hard-hitting reality television show where troubled juveniles are locked up and scared straight.  "The Warden", which producers say is the last stop for parents to save their kids, stars real-life prison warden, Dr. Donald Cabana who is the best-selling author of the book "Death at Midnight: The Confessions of an Executioner" and the executioner of 4 men.

Ghost Rider Pictures' original screenplay "JIMBO", inspired by a true story, is a semi-finalist in the nationally recognized Fade In Screenplay writing competition.
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Director Steven Scaffidi talks to Spun TV about his award-winning documentary film "Forgotten on the Bayou" 

Warden Donald Cabana, author of the best-selling book "Death at Midnight", talks about the award-winning and controversial film "Execution".  Video

Louisiana Technical College sends out press release for the Ghost Rider Creative Workshop to be held at their Jefferson Campus on Saturday, November 15, 2008.  Press Release

Spud McConnell of WWL Radio interviewed Steven Scaffidi about the upcoming Ghost Rider Pictures Creative Workshops.  Steve and Spud talked about the workshop coming to Lousiana Technical College on Saturday, November 15th and how the workshops are currently being offered to area schools on their campus.  Listen

Ghost Rider Pictures is now offering its popular Creative Workshops to schools, organizations and church groups across America.  The workshops are conducted by award-winning Writer, Producer, Director Steven Scaffidi and have been supported by the State of Louisiana's Department of Labor.  Since 2001, the Ghost Rider Creative Workshops have trained students through programs with Louisiana Technical College, New Orleans Access Television, The University of New Orleans, and The Urban League.  The workshops are open to all students who are interested in turning ideas into reality.  Workshop

Agent Phil Irvin of Rebel Entertainment Partners has put together a deal with Emmy winning Producer/Director Scott Messick to develop and produce the "Rockey" Reality Television Series.  Messick, along with show creator Steven Scaffidi and Extreme Makeover Home Edition director Glen "GT" Talyor, will begin pitching the reality series to television networks before the end of the year.  Video

"Forgotten on the Bayou" star, Rockey Vaccarella, traveled throughout the city of New Orleans interviewing people on the street just days before Hurricane Gustav hit the Louisiana coast.

Ghost Rider Pictures was contracted by Reuters to document the evacuation of New Orleans from Hurricane Gustav.  Over one million people left the city under a manditory evacuation which was the largest in the city's history.  Video

Joe Scotti, President of Global Media Television, Inc. has agreed to represent the film "Execution" for distribution in all domestic and international markets.  Mr. Scotti is the former North America President of Fremantle Media (formerly Pearson Television) and has served as an adviser and executive consultant for ITVN and NeuLion, Inc.  He has developed, produced and packaged original programming to cable networks such as MTV, VH1, USA, WB and E! and is a former VP for Showtime Networks.  Video

Legendary Fisherman from the Louisiana Bayou, Blackie Campo passed away on Thursday, July 10, 2008.  He was 90 years old.  Blackie and his wife Mabel were featured in the award-winning film "Forgotten on the Bayou".  Video 

The first all female Extreme Volleyball game was played at Coconut Beach.  The game was created by Steven Scaffidi and former professional volleyball player and Coconut Beach Director Bruce White.  Video   

At 6:30 p.m. on April 2, over 350 students and faculty members packed the SURC Theater for the CWU Law & Justice Club’s screening of the controversial film “Execution,” which follows two filmmakers as they video the last seven days of a condemned man’s life on death row, and ultimately, his death on the electric chair.  Video 

Ghost Rider Pictures in partnership with Los Angeles based GT Productions signs agreement with Rebel Entertainment Partners, Inc. to represent a reality television series featuring Rockey Vaccarella, the hurricane survivor who made world news when he towed his FEMA trailer to the White House to deliver a message to President Bush.  The show, created by Ghost Rider head Steven Scaffidi, will be represented by agent Phil Irvin.  Glen "GT" Taylor, director of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, will produce the show with Scaffidi.  The team will seek a co-production deal with a major reality television production company before pitching the show to the networks.

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