I’ve enjoyed telling stories and coming up with creative ideas since I was a kid. If I wasn’t playing ball with my dad in the front yard, I was either writing or coming up with an idea that would attract an audience. My first short stories would become excellent “cheap” gifts for my parents at Christmas, and my special events would involve all of my friends and become fundraisers for local charities.

Over the years I have written, produced and directed many documentary and feature films for television and the big screen. I’ve also produced hundreds of commercials and corporate films for a variety of advertising agencies and companies on national and local levels. I’ve been fortunate to have received national attention and many awards for our work. Receiving the Humanitarian Vision Award for “Forgotten on the Bayou” and being a Finalist in the Academy Awards for “The People’s Story” are two of our greatest honors.  

Other memorable moments have been selling our original TV show “First Date” to New Line Television, producing our children’s adventure series, “Timmy’s Travels”, with Southwest Airlines, and screening our independent feature film, “Execution”, in theaters across America and at top universities in the United Kingdom.

Recently, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to writing and have penned more than a dozen original screenplays in addition to a book and a stageplay about the New Orleans Saints. I had never produced a stageplay in my life, so when we opened “Ain’t Dat Super!” at the world-class Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans, I was a bit nervous. As God would have it, a crowd of 5,000 turned out on opening weekend!

Currently, I’m working on an exciting new series of live music events where the audience participates in writing a song with top songwriters and musicians. My hope is to take “Hit Me America” to television and allow music fans everywhere to be more than just spectators and truly become part of the music.

The past year was most interesting as we took our jam sessions to the New Orleans Mission to write a song with a group of top Louisiana musicians and the homeless. "Hard Times Don't Hit Me No More" was born that evening in the most unique songwriting experience ever and the song was considered for a Grammy...we didn't get a nomination but it's still an amazing song. 

Following that remarkable experience, I began working closely with the mission on several projects which eventually gave birth to our next adventure, producing inspirational projects with the homeless and the launch of America's only live rescue program, "Desperate Reality".  On top of that we produced a pilot for a docu-series with Hollywood star Danny Trejo.  Looking forward to seeing where God takes us next on this amazing journey!
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