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The People's Story
The Director's Cut
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"It's a great movie. It is truly a story of discipleship!"
- Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
  Archbishop of New Orleans
When Hurricane Mitch took aim at the coast of Central America in October 1998, no one could imagine that it would result in one of the most destructive natural disasters in the Western Hemisphere. Untold thousands of people lost their lives; many more were left homeless, their livelihoods destroyed. Filmmaker Steven Scaffidi has always held Central America in special regard. (His wife, Ana, is a native Honduran.) When the calamity struck, their first instinct was to send aid. Then Steve had a better idea. Along with supplies a few donations and using his family savings, he assembled a professional film crew and set out to document the unforgettable story of the people who had survived the ravages of Mitch. Arriving only days after the hurricane, Steve and his team traveled around Honduras, hardest hit of all Central American countries. The scenes they captured and the stories that are told will forever be remembered.  
Behind The Scenes of The People's Story